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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Drive-Through Maps

Microsoft now has drive-thru maps as part of their Windows Live Local site. The tool behaves sluggish but the idea behind it is interesting. A funny side-effect: if you drive in the “wrong” direction, you’ll spot people crossing the street backwards... [Thanks Corsin Camichel.]

Google News for Cell Phones

Google adds Google News to their mobile services. Here’s a preview (a search for “google”) which you can browse:

[Thanks Reto Meier.]

Update: I created a Google module out of this.

Google Teams Up with Sony Ericsson

Via Reto Meier and Pd comes this bit from a Sony Ericsson press release: “Sony Ericsson and Google today announced that they have worked closely together to integrate Google’s Blogger and Web Search features on Sony Ericsson mobile phones.”

Online TV Recorder is like TiVo, only that you don’t need any hardware (not even a TV) – all shows are recorded through this service and made available as download afterwards. Registering is free. The service has some usability issues but my friend Andreas gave it a try and confirms it really works.

Google’s Social Bookmarks?

Valleywag’s Google inside source says there’s going to be some kind of social bookmarking service coming from Google. This is noteworthy as last time, Valleywag was right on spot with the prediction of Google Page Creator.

At the moment, Google allows you to “star” your search history entries, and the new IE Google Toolbar also has a bookmarks feature. However, none of these are social so far.

[Via Digg.]


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