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Thursday, March 2, 2006


These photo mosaics by Joan Fontcuberta (NSFW) are made up of Google image search results. For each of the images, Joan uses specific keyword to create a juxtaposition; for example, thumbnails of the richest men in the world compose a homeless man on larger scale. The images are currently exhibited in Zabriskie Gallery, New York. [Thanks Miel.]

Google Analyst Day

CNet’s Elinor Mills recaps what’s happening at the Google Analyst webcast today. [Thanks Manoj Nahar.]

Google and the Long Tail of Print Ads

Google has started experimenting with putting ads into print magazines. But that might only be the beginning of something grander, as Susan Kuchinskas writes:

“I had dinner last night at the AAAA conference with some of the Google ad sales team, and we chatted about the plans to let long-tail advertisers get in front of print, radio and TV audiences.

One exec told me that there are some 20,000 magazines in the U.S., but most advertisers only work with around 3,000. ItÂ’s just too time-consuming and not cost-effective to maintain one-to-one relationships with tiny magazines – even though they may be highly focused on an audience. That leaves 19,700 in the long tail, where Google specializes.”

Google Stores Search Records Out of China

Robert McMillan of InfoWorld writes: “In an effort to protect users of its Web site, Google is moving search records out of China and into the U.S., a company executive said this week.” (What about the US gov’t? They like to play around with that data too...) [Thanks Miel, Corsin Camichel, and Pd.]

The Onion on Google Losing Steam

The Onion asks “Why has Google suffered a 13% drop in stock price?[Thanks Search Engine Lowdown.]

Google Switching to AMD?

The LA Times, quoting a Morgan Stanely Report, says Google has over 200,000 servers in their server farm and is now switching from Intel chips to those of AMD with future purchases. To my knowledge, though everyone heard the 100,000 servers estimate, the last official number Google gave out (repeated on last year’s Factory Tour with Marissa Mayer) was 10,000... [Thanks Corsin Camichel.]

Nike Google Maps Mashup

Nike has done a nice Google Maps mashup as part of their RunLondon ad campaign. You can plot your running routes through London and share them with others. [Thanks Manoj Nahar.]

Google Sitemaps Update

Google released an updated version of their Sitemaps service. You can now get your average top position in search query stats, find out about your top mobile search queries, and download stats as CSV. [Thanks Manoj N., Telendro M.]

Why Google Doesn’t Share Their Search Records

CollegeHumor explains why the Google founders don’t want anyone to see their search logs...

Wikipedia on iPod

If you want to put the Wikipedia on your iPod, now you can. (On a related note, this is how Microsoft would redesign the iPod package... apparently, the presentation was done by MS themselves.) [Via Waxy.]


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