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Monday, March 6, 2006

Google Store Brings Back Lost Country

The UK is back on the Google Store map (it was missing recently). [Thanks TomHTML.]

Amiga Games on Video

If you ever had an Amiga (like the great Amiga 500), you might enjoy these Amiga games recorded on video. [Thanks Mikael Persson.]

Also see: Amiga games on video, more Amiga games.

Strange Google URLs

A lot of strange Google URLs have accumulated in the past... Can you find more “weird” Google URLs? [Via Pipe’s Network, which has more. Thanks Travis Harris.]

Google Logo Colors

Without cheating, can you tell which of the Google logos Ludwik Trammer shows you has the right color combination? (This is from the recreate Google from memory thread.)

Judge a Book by Its Cover

With a little bit of Amazon API programming, Chris Riley allows you to literally judge books by their covers.

German Bloggers Wanted?

Miel says Puma is looking for German bloggers to become ambassadors to write about the world cup. “YouÂ’ll get paid to hang out at the best football parties, embark on your own European city tour, take your friends home with you - and, most importantly, offer your views to millions of fans around the planet,” Miel says.

At, the site in question, all I can see at this moment is a “HTTP Status 404 - /noflash.jsp” error message. Maybe they should hire a German sysop too?

Waxy Being C&D’d

Andy Baio of has been hosting The House of Cosbys videos – a parody, protected by law – and got a Cease & Desist from Bill Cosby’s legal team for doing so. He’s standing up to fight the C&D. The New York Times is covering this now as well. [Thanks Alek.]


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