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Monday, March 13, 2006


Jeroen van der Meer takes a look at what will be new in PHP6 (when will they get rid of the $-sign?). More is available at these minutes. [Via Digg.]

Google Idol

Google Idol pitches singing performances uploaded to Google Video against each other in an American Idol-style contest. As always, many thanks to Miel aka Coolz0r for finding all these great links!

ABC Inside Google (Video)

ABC News snoops around inside the Googleplex, interviewing Googlers, checking out the free food, and analyzing the great masterplan whiteboard. “They don’t call it an office, they call it a campus.” You’ll also learn what the “Google 20” are (when you get so much good free food, you put on 20 extra pounds.) This overview is quite interesting. [Thanks Miel.]

How to Improve Google’s Blogger

The Googlist offers 18 suggestions on how to beef up Blogger. I started out Google Blogoscoped at Blogger, too, but after a while the constant lags, downtimes, and general slowness made me switch to my own blog platform. (All I need is a quick text input box and a submit button, basically.) Currently, the biggest problem I see as reader of other Blogspot domains is the design-breaking comment system mention in #16... [Thanks DPNeal.]


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