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Monday, March 20, 2006

Ugly More Effective?

Are ugly websites sometimes more effective for their target group? Mark Daoust thinks so. He says, “The lack of professionalism and a polished look leads one to believe that they are dealing with an individual. Websites cannot be trusted, but individuals can be trusted.”

Have you heard the one about the super model sitting in the bar? No man dares to speak to her because they all think she’ll turn them down as she’s getting so many offers to choose from. In the end, the super model stays alone. Sure, this is probably exaggerated. But imperfection, in particular in websites which ask you to start an interaction (say, MySpace or Wikipedia), may be more approachable.

[Thanks Dominik Schmid.]

Blog Influence

Now you can find out your “BlogInfluence quotient." Just enter your blog URL, and a variety of search engines (like Technorati) will be pulled for stats. [Thanks Miel.]


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