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Sunday, March 26, 2006

C.R.A.P. (Video)

ZDNet Executive Editor David Berlind calls DRM (Digital Rights Management) a “cancerous technology” that ought to be labeled CRAP (Content Restriction, Annulment and Protection). I hope this buzzword catches on... [Via Digg.]

Google China Censorship Discussion (Video)

Digital Age asks Rebecca Mackinnon and Timothy Wu, “Did Google sell out in China?[Thanks Pd.]

Google AdSense Group

Google has launched an Google AdSense group. A user by the name of AdSensePro is giving official answers. Somehow, even these official Google groups tend to get spammed after a while with no one cleaning up... [Via Search Engine Watch.]

Google’s April Fools 2006

Take a guess... what will Google present to us on April 1st?

On past April Fool’s, there were such things as a 2 GB email client (which turned out to be real, of course), Google Gulp, or the Google Copernicus center hiring.

Google Mars Broken

Google Mars seems to be broken, DPNeal notices. All I get when accessing it is a big gray map. (Maybe some alien gov’t requested this to be censored?)

Beta Logo Gallery

German Dr. Web shows off the big beta parade. [Thanks Michael.]

How to Advertise on Google Local

Shimon Sandler provides a quick how-to for getting your “GeoAds” on Google Maps.

More about Google Local ads.

Google Removes Video (Update)

Recently I mentioned a (homophobic) video that was apparently removed after being uploaded to Google Video. Indeed Google confirmed this, telling me:

“Google Video’s policy disallows the use of material that may promote hatred or advocate against any group. The video we removed contained content that violated this policy. We removed it to ensure that Google Video is consistent with Google’s policies and to ensure a high-quality service for users.”


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