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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Google Blog Was Gone

Funny: Google deleted their own official Google blog... allowing the blog to be claimed by another user, Trey Philips from Texas. A screenshot of the claimed site – it wasn’t really hacked, though it might have appeared like a defacement to some – is available at CybernetNews.

Just imagine if Trey would have posed as the real thing, sending out seemingly authoritative news (“We Decided to Leave China”) – and what might have happened to Google stock.

On a side-note, I wonder what would happen to an average Blogspot user when they accidentally delete their own blog... would they get it back or receive form letters from Google support? After all, this is the usual procedure when a Gmail account gets deleted...

[Thanks Jason Schramm, Miel, BloggingTom, Manoj Nahar. Image by CybernetNews.]

Update: Oh well, it could’ve been worse...


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