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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Joga Invites

Fred in the forum might be able to help you if you want a Joga invite. If you do get an invite, please invite others in the forum or elsewhere.

I’ve also been invited but Joga looks very empty at the moment... plus, basically everything (including the communities) is shared with what’s already on Orkut.

Google 3.0

Maybe soon, finding your keys like this will be reality...

No iPod on Google Maps

The Google Maps “iPod” I posted to was just a hoax... or at least, the background story that was sent to me on it was... oops! [Thanks TomHTML.]

More Google Base in Web SERPs

Nate searched for chinese recipes and stumbled upon another incident of Google web results including Google Base results on top. Seems like publishing your content to Google Base will be a rewarding SEO approach in the future...


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