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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Google Calendar in Gmail

Gmail has now integrated Google Calendar in a variety of ways. First of all, there’s a links pane in the top left (Google calls these “corner bookmarks,” and they’re now consistent in Gmail and Google Calendar). Also, whenever you compose a new mail, you have the option to attach an event. For example, you can invite your colleague to a meeting, Outlook-style:

The recipient will then see the following in the inbox, and has the option to decline/ accept the invitation:

When the event is accepted with “maybe,” it will show like this in Google Calendar:

Quick add

Also, Gmail now supports the auto-detection of events, similar to the “quick add” feature of Google Calendar. For example, when someone emails you the text “Do you want to join me for dinner the day after tomorrow, 6pm? I’d love to see you,” then Gmail sticks an “Add to calendar” link to the right side of the email – in this case, incorrectly interpreting event (“dinner the day after”) and date (which would’ve been Monday, not Sunday):

[Thanks Travis Harris.]


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