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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Design Death Clock

Jon of Pingmap discusses web design trends that may die soon (or are already dead). There’s some good observations there. [Via Dr. Web newsletter.]

Google Related Links Crash

Be aware that Google’s Related Links box may crash the browser under some circumstance. I’ve been working with Rich to locate the cause of the Firefox 1.5 crash he’s been getting for this blog’s front-page (the crash was appearing randomly, about every nth reload). The last thing Rich was seeing before the browser crash was a “” in the status bar. Only after I removed the Related Links box from a post below, the problem was gone. Possibly, this bug doesn’t happen often (I couldn’t reproduce it at all), and possibly, it was triggered by a combination of FF extensions Rich has installed, but it’s still something to be cautious of.

Candygate: Google Cutting Down on Snacks

Valleywag shows off a leaked email sent around within Google internal 2,000-member mailing list “misc-mv”... if Valleywag’s source is right, then Google cuts down on free snacks, tried to sell it as a measurement implemented for health reasons, and there’s now quite a bit of unhappiness about it (hmm, I’d be interested to see that same mailing list discuss Google in China). Any anonymous Googlers reading along, please share the truth in the comments! Now, back to the regularly scheduled program...

Digg Down

I think the one site suffering the most from the digg effect... is Digg itself ( is incredibly slow for the last weeks to months... maybe today’s maintenance will improve on the situation?).

Official Google Book Search Blog

Google has a new official blog, this one covering Book Search. I’ve added it to the Google blogs page. [Thanks Or in the forum for finding this.]

German - English Translations Blog

My friend and ex-colleague Werner Nieke, translation expert, has started a blog on the two “befriended" languages English and German. His blog is called Fine Friends, a take on the expression “false friends” (false friends are two words in different language which look similar, but have a different meaning – these words often cause translation errors... for example, the German “Fabrik” means “factory”, but resembles “fabric”).

Using Gmail for Work

Rakesh Agrawal, founder of SnapStream, tells his story of how he tried to switch to Gmail as his primary email client using it for work emails, personal emails, and everything in between. “After going through my fourth or fifth Microsoft Exchange crash and countless Outlook problems (after 3 years!), I decided that I had had enough.”

Google China AdWords Uncensored?

While some sites are self-censored in Google China, it looks like you can still create AdWords campaigns to advertise for them. The Internet Censorship Explorer blog did an experiment creating ads for searches for “human rights china”. While the Human Rights Watch site was censored in, the ad for it was not. Bug or feature? I think it’s a feature! [Via Jennifer at SEW.]


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