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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

AlltheWeb Livesearch

Yahoo’s AlltheWeb now has a new Livesearch feature (that’s right, AlltheWeb, the search engine that was hot years ago but has since been forgotten). It’s a get-results-as-you-type kind of engine, but takes the Google Suggest approach a step further. You will instantly see the results to the right side... and you don’t even have to submit your search. So for example, when you enter “white h”, to the right side you’ll see appearing after a second. (You can also navigate the suggestions below the search box with the arrow keys, but again, you don’t need to hit return, and the result will just appear after a second or two.)

All in all I like this Livesearch, though it might be one of those good-looking search tools that you still don’t end up using on a daily basis. And while you change between pages, the actual speed before results get displayed is about the same as when you’re at and hit return. You also lose some features with Livesearch, like the ability to use the browser’s back button to navigate through your different queries, and you also don’t have the best feedback on when a result is still loading (there is only a small loading icon on top of the search box). What this search might be ideal for is when you only memorized the first few letters of a word. Google doesn’t allow you to search for parts of a string, but Livesearch does (though you could also go to Google Suggest, or Yahoo Instant for that).



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