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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Google Press Day 2006

This post and comments thread covers the Google Press Day webcast from 9:30am - 1:00pm PT – I’ll edit along as things happen.

You can jump straight to the product announcements section detailing the new Google Trends, Google Co-op (including Google Health), Google Desktop 4, and the upcoming Google Notebook widget. Thanks everyone!

The Agenda

This is today’s agenda – I suppose Google doesn’t want to give away too much in their presentation titles:

9:30am: Welcome
  Elliot Schrage (Global Communications & Public Affairs)
9:40am: How We’re Doing and Where We’re Going
  Eric Schmidt (CEO)
10:10am A Search Technology Overview
  Alan Eustace (Engineering & Research)
10:3 am: Be Global, Act Local
  Omid Kordestani (Global Sales & Business Development)
11:00am: Break
11:25am: Innovation: Many Shapes, Many Sizes
  Jonathan Rosenberg (Product Management)
  Marissa Mayer (Search Products & User Experience)
12:15pm: Executive Q&A
1:00pm: Lunch

Elliot Schrage: Welcome Message

Elliot Schrage says “The Google Story is getting more complicated and complex everyday.” He’s also presenting a note from the Google lawyers (“These forward-looking statements are subject to certain risks and uncertainties.” Sure...). We can see a flashback to Elliot in front of the US congress saying “Better for Chinese users... and better for Google.”

Eric Schmidt: How We’re Doing

Google CEO Eric Schmidt says “We’re moving to the next state of the internet where it’s all about people and expression” – search is still the focus, he adds.

The Google “aha” moment for many was when you use their search and say, “wow, that’s amazing.” Eric says these small personal “aha” moments created Google’s viralness, and they’re different for different persons.

Eric says the web grew 10,000 times larger in the last 10 years, by some estimates – and the web’s growing internationally, not just in the US. Google benefits from this by cashing in on ads, which in turn helps them build their technological infrastructure (with Google growing, so does their work-force: Google needs to solve such seemingly trivial problems as traffic jams). They’re continuing to buy small companies to fulfill their vision and compete with main competitors Yahoo and Microsoft.

Eric adds Google will always keep focus on having great search functionality with other services build around it. “We have more people working on search than ever before in this company.” And: “More search - more users - more advertisers - more innovators.” Eric details potential future search apps:

Alan Eustace: A Search Technology Overview

Alan explains what happens behind the scenes for a sample search such as Kevin Delaney wsj.

Omid Kordestani: Be Global, Act Local

Global Sales & Business Development Senior Vice President Omid Kordestani presents together with Nikesh Arora, Adam Freed, and Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, with a focus on globalization and localization. Google at the moment is available in 116 languages, and Google engineers want to make sure that the “final layer” is usable.

One of the presenters pulls a Freudian slip, saying “Yahoo Finance” and then correcting herself to “Google Finance” ( arrived much later than

Marissa Mayer & Jonathan Rosenberg: Innovation

Product Manager Jonathan Rosenberg urges people to “reread the founders’ letter” to understand the innovation process at Google. Google likes to have people close together in small teams to foster comradery and innovation. Jonathan cites the example of Google News, which was one of the most successful programs in hindsight, saying “Manual solutions don’t scale.”

Marissa lists what she says are four core components of the search experience: comprehensiveness, relevance, speed and user experience. Marissa gives a broad overview of past releases, including the Google Personalized Homepage, Google Desktop, the different Google Toolbar versions, and the Google Maps API.

The product announcements

Update: Also see the Google Co-op tutorial and the Google Trends sample searches.


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