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Friday, May 12, 2006

Google Press Day Q&A

I wasn’t able to fully transcribe this in real time, but I emailed a question on the Google Press Day on Wednesday, and Utills caught the answer by Google’s David Drummond:

Q: Do you sometimes have discussions with the Chinese government over specific sites you are requested to censor?
A: Under Chinese Law we are required to filter some of the content, on our .cn site not on .com site. From time to time, as you would expect, with any authority you have conversations about how that law should be applied in a particular circumstance.

It was nice to see Google accept many of the emailed question, with at least three coming from those in the forum – Jon on Google Earth, Tony Ruscoe on statistical machine translation integration, and this censorship question. It was tough to phrase a question regarding self-censorship in such a way that it’s impossible to give an evasive answer, which I think this answer by David was, unfortunately.

Note that you can still watch an archived version of the webcast. If you’re using Internet Explorer 7 (and possibly others, though Firefox doesn’t work) you can also fast-forward, and jump to specific points in the presentation through the agenda links.

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