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Friday, May 12, 2006

Gmail Contact Pictures

Gmail is rolling out a brand new feature (I can’t see it yet): contact pictures. That is, you can see the portrait of someone when you hover over an email, and you can set your own photo as well. “Like an avatar in instant messengers,” as Garett of Googling Google comments. (And if you don’t like the pic someone else used, you can even suggest a new one to them via Gmail.)

You can also switch a setting so only those who can see your Chat online status will be able to see your picture. Speaking of Gmail Chat, there are now “ping” sound alerts when someone messages you (as long as we can turn them on/ off, this should be a nice addition... but I hope Google doesn’t start a trend here). As usual this might take a couple of days to show for everyone...

I wonder if it would make sense for pictures to also show as thumbnail without any hovering (maybe optionally)?

[Thanks DPneal and Garett. Screenshot by Google.]


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