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Monday, May 15, 2006

No WiFi on Google Press Day

Google couldn’t deliver a working wifi connection to the blogging press on their Press Day. This is ironic because Google’s a hi-tech company trying to build a wifi network in San Francisco (and beyond, possibly). I guess this can happen to everyone but I’m glad I wasn’t live-blogging at the Googleplex. writes:

Apparently on Press Day at the Googleplex last week, the WiFi (802.11) network crashed just minutes before the day’s events began. Most of the press gang were carrying laptops and had planned to blog/report back to headquarters throughout the day via Google’s wireless network. Oops.

It crashed around 9am, and Google engineers tried ALL DAY to get it back up... only succeeding late in the afternoon as the reporters were all heading out the door – they apparently didn’t look impressed.

Om Malik, who attended the presentation, tells me there was no wifi for the entire session, though some people apparently had access... Om ended up live-blogging with a Blackberry.


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