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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Google Blog Search Sidebar

Tony Ruscoe stumbled upon a new Google Blog Search sidebar. This navigation lets you switch between older post or just new posts, and also allows you to subscribe to the feeds for this search. While the functionality was there before (see the older video [WMV]), this layout is new.

Yahoo Tetris

Dustin Diaz created a version of Tetris using the Yahoo User Interface Library. Nice proof of concept. Dustin says, “with the help of YUI, this bad boy works in Firefox1.0+, Opera8+, Safari2, and IE6, and yes, it only took 2.5 days.” [Via Digg.]

Google Notebook Gadgets?

Garett Rogers reads Google source code like others read books, and he now found pieces suggesting a coming Google Gadgets integration into Google Notebook (and possibly, Gmail and image upload features for Notebook).

Google Video With Web Upload

For those who always wondered why Google Video forced you to upload via a desktop tool instead of simply offering a browser form: well, it looks like Google listened, as they’re now offering such a browser upload. (There are also some other updates at the ever-changing Google Video, like a redesigned top navigation.) [Thanks Or in the forum.]

Who Linked Button

The widget shows which sites link to you – but to do so it collects info from search engines (e.g. Google’s “link” operator), not real-time referrer traffic (which would be cooler, I think).

New Google Talk Languages

According to the official Google Talk blog, Google Talk is now available in “UK English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, and Turkish.” [Thanks Yannick S.]

Chinese Internet Writer Sentenced to 12 Years

From Reuters:

A Chinese Internet writer [Yang Tianshui] was jailed for 12 years on Tuesday for “subversion of state power” after backing a movement by exiled dissidents to hold free elections, his lawyer said.

[Thanks Christopher T.]

Google Dog Ad

An interesting Google ad... Carlos translates this to “If it exists, search for it with your mobile phone... Movistar launches Google.” [Thanks Carlos Prio Odio.]

Weird Site Operator Results

Enter into Google and you get some strange results right now – the 3 top links are all too (but with slightly different characters/ encoding). More discussion is at Search Engine Watch. [Thanks David Hetfield.]

How Tech Companies Can Compete Against Google

Or opens an interesting discussion thread in the forum – smaller tech companies will always have a hard time competing with the big ones (Google, Yahoo and others) building small tools. To get an audience for small tools, you need the larger service with an existing audience... solving second degree needs is the luxury of those tech companies who already successfully serve first degree needs.


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