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Thursday, May 18, 2006

German Google Blog

If you’re a German-lanuage reader who’d prefer Google news in German, give Jens Minor’s daily Google Watch Blog a try (Jens is from Austria).

Google Maps Australia, New Zealand

Google Maps now shows details for Australia and New Zealand. Reto Meier says, “Users of Google Earth will already know that the satellite imagery available for most metropolitan areas of Australia is of superb quality, and now they’ve got the road maps to match!” [Thanks Pierre S. in the forum.]

Excel Drawings

Danielle Aubert has spent 58 days (more or lesss) drawing in Excel. [Via Information Aesthetics.]

Amazon Map

The Map Amazon Java applet allows you to see the Amazon books divided into topic clusters. You can use the scroll-wheel to zoom from a general level like “Technical” down to the individual book level (where the applet gets pretty slow though). I want to see Google – or someone else – do this for the web... [Via Information Aesthetics.]

Legal Troubles for Orkut

From a Bloomberg article yesterday:

“Google Inc., the owner of Brazil’s most-used online community site, may face a criminal probe for distribution of child pornography and racist materials by its users, lawyers for the attorney general said.

The lawyers, saying Google failed to comply with a court order to turn over information on where the material comes from, said they will ask a federal judge to authorize a police investigation of the Mountain View, California-based company’s Brazilian unit.”

(On a side-note, did you know Marissa Mayer is shown on the Orkut front-page?)

[Via Valleywag. Thanks Colin C.]

Marissa Mayer on Innovation (Video)

Marissa Mayer talks about ideas and innovation at Google [WMP] at Stanford. [Via Valleywag.]

Public Google Traffic Estimator

You can now use the Google AdWords Keywords Traffic Estimator without being logged in to a Google AdWords account. Using this tool, you can find out how many people on average would click on a Google text link ad after searching for a specific keyword – for example if you have a blog and an ad campaign budget of $20,000 per day, you can buy around 9,000 daily clicks to your blog by targeting the keyword “blog”. [Thanks Manoj Nahar.]

Google in Achewood Cartoon

Google is at the center of the May 17 Achewood cartoon. [Thanks Leslie Hensley.]

Cab Driver Mistaken as IT Expert

This one’s making the rounds recently – the BBC mistook a cab driver a man showing up for an interview for an IT expert [video]. Hilarious.


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