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Friday, May 19, 2006

Google Recruitment

Here’s the story of how Google visited Toronto’s Ryerson University to recruit new people:

With Google, they basically gave a presentation on Google testing in hopes of recruiting interest in working with the testing department (being the coding debugger that tells the programmers when something’s wrong) – more IT-oriented than what I’m into. They also mentioned everyone at Google wearing different hats and how they eat for free on Google’s campus (and all that jazz). I liked that they also stressed the importance of thinking about the user first. They kept a nice, straight-forward, less-than-an-hour talk on all that – was cool. Then they raffled off some Google swag (was amusing) – I didn’t win anything, but oh well. All 3 Google reps were women while the room was about 60 male students with a handful female students (haha). I feel good knowing that chicks are increasing into the internet-related field though.

[Thanks Anonymous.]


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