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Friday, May 19, 2006

Ten Commandments Mashup

Over at YouTube, The Ten Commandments gets mashed up into a high-school comedy trailer. [Via Boing Boing.]

Photo Mosaic With Endless Zoom

“Information” is a recursive, Shockwave-based photo mosaic. Wow. (Also see these demos.) [Via Waxy.]

Googleplex Sydney

Bas in the forum found some more photos of the Google Sydney offices. Lots of Google colors, delicacies, the real-time search ticker on the wall, and the obligatory lava lamps and pool table...

Google Desktop Gadgets

Google Desktop 4 supports Gadgets (former modules) of the same format as those for the Google personalized homepage. This reuse is good for developers, of course, but note that not every gadget will work (or work the same) under GD4. To add a gadget, simply click “Add” on your Google Desktop sidebar (pictured above) and you will be taken to a search dialog. If you can’t find your gadget, you can enter the XML URL into the search box to add it. [Thanks A. & K.]

Google Reader Mobile

Google Reader is now available in a phone-optimized version. [Thanks Yannick Stucki.]

More International AdSense Referral Program

Google says that the AdSense referral program for AdWords, AdSense, Picasa, and Firefox has now been rolled out to all AdSense languages.

Google Zurich Pics

Corsin made some pictures at Google Z├╝rich in March 2005 (their old offices) – a bunch of people were invited to translate parts of a Google search interface.

The Google Platform

The Google platform article on Wikipedia explains the technology behind Google (parts are speculation, of course).


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