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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Clickbots vs AdSense and Others

Help Net Security on Friday writes:

“PandaLabs has detected a network of computers infected with the bot Clickbot.A, which is being used to defraud ’pay per click’ systems, registering clicks automatically and providing lucrative returns for the creators. According to the data collected so far, the scam is exploiting a global network comprising more than 34,000 zombie computers (those infected by the bot).

The bots are controlled remotely through several Web servers. This allows the perpetrators to define, for example, the web pages on which the adverts are hosted or the maximum number of clicks from any one IP address in order not to arouse suspicions.”

[Via Digg.]

Browse Google Notebooks

The first public Google Notebooks have been crawled by Google... over 19,000 about 659 all in all! (I wonder if everyone realizes they need to oblige to “fair use” when they copy stuff for a public Notebook, as that is, well, public?)

Earth Sandwich (Video)

What if you could turn the earth into a sandwich?

Google Music in Robots.txt

Google has added the URL /music to their Robots.txt, my tracker script tells me (and all credit for the idea of tracking the Robots.txt – by which Google excludes upcoming services from being crawled – goes to Garett Rogers, who concludes: “Google Music is getting closer”).


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