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Monday, May 29, 2006

Google Gapminder

With Gapminder, as Ionut writes, “you can visualize World Development Indicators from The World Bank. You will see a scatterplot where each bubble represents a country. The position of the bubble is determined by the indicators on the axes. The size of the bubble represents the population of the country.” [Thanks Justin Flavin and Ionut Alex. Chitu.]

Google vs Chmoogle

EWeek reports that search engine was pressured by Google lawyers over the “Google” trademark and has now given in by renaming itself to “eMolecules”. Discussion is in the forum thread started by Kirby Witmer.

Worst Tech Products

PCWorld’s Dan Tynan nominates the 25 worst tech products of all time. AOL is heading the list, followed by products like RealPlayer and Microsoft Bob. An interesting flop was DigiScents iSmell gadget with utilized “ScentStream” to let you smell web pages like Maybe one day we’ll find the idea was great but the world just not ready for it! [Thanks Brinke Guthrie.]

Google Scholar Feature Suggestion

Brian Mingus in the forum writes:

There is a problem with the way Google Scholar is currently set up. You can see who cites someone, but you cannot see who someone cited. The solution is to simply add, e.g., a “Cites 32” link with a page containing all of the citations in an article. So under each search result you would have this:

Cites 32 – Cited by 55 – Web Search – BL Direct

This will make it much easier to surf the web of academic publications forward and backwards in time. Right now it’s pretty easy to go forwards, but not backwards. I can’t believe this is missing!

Google Picasa Now for Linux

Google’s photo organizer Picasa has been released in a Linux version. Previous discussion on this can be found in the forum. [Thanks Manoj Nahar and Sunil Nair.]

Google Checkout?

Garett Rogers found out that Google indirectly registered (and other extensions). Garett thinks this will end up being “a shopping cart system to help websites accept payment for their items online. The money site owners make will be deposited into a holding account at Google – just like AdSense works.” [Thanks Siggi Becker and Haochi.]


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