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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Complaints Due to Lack of Google Memorial Day Logo

Some bloggers are complaining that Google didn’t have a Memorial day logo yesterday. Memorial Day “commemorates U.S. men and women who have died in military service,” Wikipedia explains. From a comment at Newsbusters by Warner Todd Huston:

Obviously what we have with Google now is that they have let their ’power” get to their heads. Instead of being the information service they started out to be, they have decided that they should mold content to teach all us idiots on da web who r too stoopid to kno what it good and what is bad!

Like the Mainstream Media they have gone from mere reporters, mere chroniclers to activists with the elimination of conservative sites and now deciding not to celebrate our armed forces as the fruits of their turn.

Others think it’s good the way it is – quote Lew Rockwell:

[Google] ignored Memorial Day this year and in years past. Well done Google. War in any of its aspects is never something to genuflect before or honor. It is the systematic killing and domination of other human beings who, by the very nature of war, have not been found guilty of a crime beyond being born on one patch of ground and not another. Stop honoring troops who occupy foreign lands by force of arms, who create global instability, and hide behind vicious concepts like patriotism and the need ’to spread ’democracy’.

Usually Google prefers to go along with happy, not sad or commemorative events, which is more in-tune with the colorful Google logo. Personally I don’t think the absence of any particular logo should get anyone upset – it’s pretty much Google’s decision.

[Thanks NoStaplesPlease.]


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