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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Google Launches AdSense API

Google has just introduced the new, SOAP-based Google AdSense API, after previous chatter along the lines today. Here’s Google’s description of the AdSense API (my emphasis):

The AdSense API is a free beta service that enables you to integrate Google AdSense into your website offerings. Using the AdSense API, you can enable users to perform a variety of AdSense functions without ever leaving your website. Users can create or manage their AdSense accounts, modify their AdSense ads, and view ad performance and earnings reports.

The AdSense API is ideal for developers whose users create their own web content through web hosting, web publishing, blogging, and social networking applications.

So, if you run e.g. a blog publishing company, or a video hosting service, or your content is otherwise fully user-generated, you can apply to become an AdSense API developer and give this a try. You’ll then have the power to:

In other words; whereas the Google Web API made their search engine easy to integrate for meta search engines, the Google AdSense API makes their ads easy to integrate for meta publishers. By doing so, Google becomes more ubiquitous. And what’s better than owning a ship? To own the water all other ships sail on.


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