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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Share Earnings via Google AdSense API?

John Battelle says, “Word has leaked recently ... that Google is (reportedly) working on a new API that will allow content sites to distribute AdSense earnings to individual members.” Apparently, the community is one of the first to try out the API... and John says RateItAll might have blown their press embargo with their too-early press release:

Pioneering online community and social network today announced that it had integrated Google Adsense into its service via an API in order to share advertising inventory with RateItAll members.

By leveraging the Google Adsense API, RateItAll has enabled its members to create Google Adsense accounts, earn cash for their content contributions, and track their earnings without ever leaving the Web site.

At this time, there’s only a Google AdWords API. John warns though that UGC sites (user generated content sites, like YouTube) “are driven by pride, the desire to be first, reputation, whuffie. But dollars? That often screws it all up.”

[Via Andy Baio.]

Update: And there it is...


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