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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Get a Free Logoworks Logo

Logoworks is a company doing custom logos for your website. It’s a bit like, but with more choice & feedback loops, as you get several designs to choose from. So I wanted to create a contest here for one of you to test-drive the service... with all of us watching the results. I contacted Logoworks asking them if they want to give away a free logo for us, and I’m happy to say they said yes.

To get your free Logoworks logo (priced at around 300 bucks), please leave a comment to this thread and tell us...

  1. What’s the URL of your site/ blog, and what is it about?
  2. Why do you need the logo badly?
  3. What should the logo read and what kind of logo design were you thinking of? (You can use reference URLs as well – this will be the briefing for Logoworks if you win.)
  4. What is your email address? (Emails are obfuscated with an image when you post them in the forum.)

I’ll then pick one of you based on the most convincing comment, and if there’s several equally convincing ones, well, I’ll throw the dice.

Update: The winners have been decided on, thanks everyone for participating!


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