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Thursday, June 29, 2006

EBay Guy Trashes Google Checkout, Then Deletes Post

That’s the internet to ya... as soon as you hide something, it will pop up more visible than before all over the place (including the Digg frontpage). What seems to be an eBay employee by the name of Rogelio Choy published a mild rant about how GBuy isn’t superior to (eBay-owned) PayPal, and then removed the post to emphasize this is personal, not company opinion. Now a copy of the full post is available to read up on. Quote:

I find it amusing how the general media is claiming GBuy [aka Google Checkout] will be a significant competitor to Paypal based on GBuy having near zero buyers actually using the service vs over 100MM using Paypal. Let’s recall something here folks. In its current form, GBuy is a glorified merchant account.

(I gotta say, the Google ad video is trying to sell Checkout as a revolutionary new solution to a so far unsolved problem, which I think is a ridiculous spin considering we already have PayPal. But hey, it’s an ad.)


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