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Friday, July 7, 2006

Buying PR9 Links on

You can buy a PageRank 9 backlink on a W3C page for a mere $1,000/ year, Emad Fanous reports. Now that’s cheap! I’m not sure the World Wide Web Consortium intended this as selling links, but link texts like “web directory submission”, “cheap web hosting provider”, “search engine optimzation”, “free counters” or “online casino bluebook” (some of these in German) seem to suggest that some advertisers got the point. [Via Barry Schwartz.]

Google Wildcard Search Game


The Google Wildcard site lets you enter a phrase with a wildcard – like “is that a * in your pocket” – and then shows the missing word. Results can then be voted on and are showcased on the frontpage. For example...

I did something similar at FindForward once... it’s the “Wildcard Phrase” search option, but it’s much slower (maybe I should get rid of the Google API and directly screenscrape results).

[Thanks Alex.]

How Humans Can Survive

Wow. Two days ago, Dr. Stephen Hawking asked “How can the human race survive the next hundred years?” on Yahoo Answers and received over 15,000 replies (from “by getting rid of nuclear wepaons” over “finding a source of safe unlimited easily accessbile energy” to “trust in Jesus Christ” to “no chance”).

Yahoo Therapy?

Google web search is pushing Yahoo, even for queries that really aren’t related to Yahoo... like therapy products.

[Via Barry Schwartz. Thanks Niraj Sanghvi.]

Googleplex Architecture

Metropolis Mag covers an architectural redesign of the Google headquarters, with lots of photos and details on the design philosophy. Areas were sub-divided into “cold” (little social interaction, like for concentrated programming) and “hot” (lots of interaction, like in the lounge). Even the closed development areas have a couple of engineers working in one room. [Hat tip to Dimitar Vesselinov in the forum, Google System.]


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