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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Google Video Redirects to German Version

Ouch. Google Video now redirects German users to, a German version of the service... clicking on “US” at the bottom still brings up Google Video Germany, over and over. Google would be smart to fix this and to use the same setting people chose on the homepage already (there’s a cookie setting that remembers which Google version you prefer, local or “international”), or to look at the browser’s language preferences. [Thanks Jens Minor in the forum.]

Update: The same force-redirect happens for France with the French Google Video, Rodolphe in the forum notes.


Uhm... GLife “will enable a mother to communicate with her fetus via Google Talk, project pictures through Picasa onto its embryonic cell, and purchase baby upgrades through Gbuy.” [Thanks Chris Pirillo.]

The Google Story in German

David Vise’s nice book The Google Story is now available in a German version, and I had a brief look at the book stand today. This translation partially distorts the text however... as I know what I said, I briefly checked the translations of where I’m quoted. The part where I’m saying something along the lines of “Google’s ads are useful because they not only bring cash, but they show related links” has been translated to “Google’s ads are useful because they not only bring cash, but they create connections” (the German “Verbindungen”). Huh? If you didn’t know the English version, you wouldn’t be able to make any sense of this, and I wonder how the rest of the book fares considering that what little I checked was badly translated...

Preparing For a Software Engineering Interview

If you want to work at Google – or any other tech company – this article on preparing for the interview by Google tech lead Niniane Wang (pictured) might come in handy. To quote the main points:

  1. Practice using the same medium (e.g. paper and pencil) and time limits (e.g. 30 minutes) as the real interview.
  2. During the interview, don’t obsess over little mistakes that happen.
  3. Don’t be rude to your interviewer.
  4. Don’t hijack the interview.
  5. When answering questions expecting a specific answer, give a high-level summary first.
  6. (Not as important) Wear something comfortable to your interview. Business casual is the most typical.

(There’s also an older article by Niniane on how to write a killer resume.)

[Original photo by Niniane.]

Googler With Connections to Intelligence Community

According to social network LinkedIn, Rob is Senior Federal Manager at Google, where he’s working since mid-2005. His profile, which also includes his full name, gives a job description:

In his current role Rob is ... focused on ever-evangelizing the Google Enterprise Search and Google Earth Enterprise solutions for a host of long-time users across the Intelligence Community, DoD, Homeland Security, and many others ...

Prior to his tenure in the system integrator and commercial software domains, Rob was a member of the US Special Operations Community serving nearly thirteen years combined as an Army Combat Engineer and Intelligence Analyst with combat experience. Rob later served in supporting roles within the Intelligence community.


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