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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Visualizing Coordinates With Google

The following graphic shows how often certain coordinates appear on the web... the brighter the square, the more frequent the mentions of the coordinate. To create the graphic I Google-searched for e.g. [x2y4 | “x2 y4” | “x 2 y 4” | y4x2 | “y4 x2” | “y 4 x 2"]. (The coordinates go from 0-50, and the graphic shows fine-tuned contrasts and size.)

The caveat for above is that e.g. “x2” may be a number of things, like -x2 or x2, and not just coordinates. But we can be more specific... for the following graphic, I searched for e.g. [c4 chess] and mapped the result on a chess board:

And now, the same chess board but with “p" for pawn (e.g. ["p c4” chess]), “k" for king and “b" for bishop:

I wonder... which other structured numbers or words can be visualized with Google for interesting results?

Update: There are some more visualizations.


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