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Thursday, July 13, 2006

More Visualizations Through Google

Tony Ruscoe came up with another interesting visualization – a keyboard (see his description). The lighter the square, the higher the Google result count for a search for e.g. “caps lock”:

Also, with the help of Siggi Becker, I’ve created the following visualization of a Go board:

Searches had the format of e.g. [(“B pq” | “W pq”) inurl:sgf] (“SGF” is a typical Go file format, “pq” indicates the coordinates on the board from 1-19 each side, and “B"/ “W” mean black/ white). Siggi shares his analysis of what we’re seeing: “Looks logical. Nobody sets his stones on the border. Except a bloody beginner. The joseki-points in the corners are the most occupied points.”

Previously, coordinates and chess boards were visualized.


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