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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Google’s Update Speed

Peter Dawson points to Om Malik’s trip to the Googleplex. Quote Om:

[Matt Cutts] pointed out that as the web grows in size and scope, Google is growing its infrastructure – both software and hardware – and growing with the web, improving its search results, making the crawl process faster. “In 2003, we used to crawl the web once a month, and now we update everything in two to three days,” he said. Some day, perhaps it will be hours, and then minutes.

(I wonder if we could come up with what could be an equivalent of MooreÂ’s Law of Search, that could quantify the size of the web index, and how it correlates to bandwidth, storage and processing cycles.)

[Image by Google.]

Update: Matt Cutts in the comments clarifies:

Just to be clear, I don’t think I said that the entire index is updated every 2-3 days, but if I did then I misspoke. It’s true that when an event happens on the web, our index can often pick it up in 1-2 days, and usually even faster. But a typical page in Google’s main web index is updated every 2-3 weeks or faster; it’s not the case that the entire main web index is updated every 2-3 days.

The EBay Ad Search Game

Dave is proposing a new game... you get points for scoring funny eBay ads on Google.

New Google Domains

Gary Price has a list of domains recently registered by Google, including,, and

Yahoo Updates Search API Examples

Yahoo has released an updated version of their Search SDK. This one comes with lots of sample code in languages like C#, ActionScript, Python, Ruby, PHP and even Lua. Unfortunately the PHP examples (written by PHP inventor and now Yahoo employee Rasmus Lerdorf, no less) are for PHP4, not PHP5.

Google AdWords Shows Click-Fraud Rates

Google announced a new feature for AdWords reports that shows the number of invalid clicks on your ads (or at least, the number of invalid clicks Google determined). Naturally, you won’t be charged for those invalid clicks. I can’t find this in my AdWords account at the moment... [Thanks Pd. Image by Google.]

Update: Brandon in the comments asks you to share your click fraud rates.


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