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Monday, July 31, 2006

More Google Checkout Problems?

David Sanger in the forum writes:

After four successful transaction, completed and paid, a fifth order on Friday morning, of a sale to a US corporation, was inexplicably placed in “review” status. Then when I emailed to have the “review” lifted, the order was cancelled by Google, without notice, without explanation, at 5pm on a Friday afternoon.

Then apparently they all went home, since three contact forms and three emails have not produced a single reply, no explanation, no apology, no reinstatement of the order, nothing.

Google Maybe Checkout is perhaps a better name for the service at present.

Looking over the fairly thinly subscribed forum you can see others have had similar experiences, followed sometimes, but not always, by a quick remedy of their situation.

Fed Ex boxes of cups and mouse mats are nice but 24-7 customer support is much more important if they expect this promising service to be used in a reliable manner.


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