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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Google Toolbar Bundled With RealPlayer

Google is teaming up with RealPlayer to distribute their Toolbar. The Google Toolbar is meant to assimilate every computer on earth, enslaving their users to feed them Google ads add a range of neat features to browsers.

Google System comments, “RealPlayer has a bad reputation, as it used to bundle spyware software and it has a bloated UI. It was ranked number two on the PC World’s Top 25 Worst Tech Products of All Time ... But for Google, this is just another distribution deal.”

[Thanks Sohil.]

Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Watch...

... is covered in USA Today.

His readers would naturally assume that Sullivan, the self-described “world-renowned search authority,” is the ultimate Silicon Valley insider. He is. But he does it all some 4,000 miles away — near here, in the remote little village of Chitterne, about four hours southwest of London.

[Via SE Roundtable.]

New Yahoo Corporate Blog

Yahoo launched a corporate blog at You can comment on posts, though every comment will be approved before it goes live. Nicki Dugan writes:

We want to share insights into our company, our people, our culture, and the things that occupy our cluttered minds. We’ll cover emerging trends, provide some behind-the-scenes commentary, profile interesting Yahoos, spotlight our beloved users, reveal some of our quirks, tap into guest bloggers, sprinkle in some videos and photo essays, and generally think out loud

(Why doesn’t Google dare to make their blogs open for comments, too?)

[Thanks Pd.]

Colbert Blocked on Wikipedia

Stephen Colbert abused Wikipedia to prove a point... and got banned. [Thanks Ionut.]

Google to Deliver Ads for XM Satellite Radio

From a Google press release:

Google ... today announced that it has reached an agreement with XM Satellite Radio, the nation’s leading satellite radio service with more than seven million subscribers, ... to introduce and make available commercial advertising inventory on XM’s non-music channels to Google’s extensive advertising base through its dMarc media network .... As part of the deal, Google advertisers will now have a simple, automated way to reach XM’s millions of subscribers nationwide and XM will have access to Google’s large and small advertisers to offer relevant, targeted messages to their subscribers.

[Thanks Manoj Nahar and Corsin Camichel.]

Yahoo Registered Interesting Domains, Too...

Gary Price notes that Yahoo has lately registered, and a bunch of others.

Embed Sections of Google Videos

Google Video now allows you to start the embedded video player at a specific time. It might be nice to define an ending time as well... and perhaps a way to define the next video that ought to play in the embedded player. This way, we could mix videos by simply adjusting the HTML snippet...


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