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Thursday, August 3, 2006

Yahoo Looking for SEO

Heh. Yahoo Germany is looking for a Search Engine Optimization specialist. I suppose he’ll be targeting Google... [Thanks Tadeusz.]

Googling for Charity with GDonate claims to earn money for charity while you do Google searches. It’s basically the AdSense for Search service but connected to the the publisher ID of (this you can verify). They might want to adjust the logo though so it doesn’t look just like Google...

Google Poker

GPokr is a poker game built with the Google Web Toolkit for Java. Nathan Weinberg says, “Very good game, very well designed. You can do everything youÂ’d expect in an online poker game (except bet real world money).”

Swastika Architecture Detected With Google

Oh my. For 27 years, a Belgium well in the form of a Nazi swastika stayed undetected... until people realized what it’s shaped like through Google Earth. The well was built in 1979... I’m not sure if it’s a Nazi reference or just using the ancient Asian symbol (or just coincidence). In any case, the well will be changed. [Via GoogleWatchBlog.]

Caleb, Google Gadget Guru

Yowza! One of this blog’s top 10 participants, 16-year-old Caleb Eggensperger, is being praised by Google as “a genius” and someone who “is going to take over the world some day.” He was invited to Google and met Marissa Mayer and others. Caleb, you gotta share in the comments!


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