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Monday, August 21, 2006

Google vs Go Ogle

This is fun. Search Engine Watch reports someone’s fighting for their Google-related domains by arguing it’s not meant to be “Google”, but “Go Ogle”:

Specifically, Respondent states that her intended business name is not “GOOGLE Checkout,” which ostensibly is identical to the disputed domain name <>, but rather the term “Go Ogle Checkout,” which Respondent contends is not. She intends to use this term in conjunction with an online dating service.

As to the other disputed domain names, and as best understood by the Panel, Respondent intends to use <> and , also in conjunction with her dating service, as the terms “Go Ogle Matching” and “Go Ogle Outdoors,” respectively, where the word “ogle” commonly means “to glance amorously.”

I don’t know if they’re just saying this to bend the law, but in any case it seems like a good defense pattern against Google trademark attacks. I think I’m gonna register A dating site, of course.


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