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Friday, September 8, 2006

Google Maps With Non-existent Stations?

Susan writes:

The Rome underground is expanding with 3 new metro lines: C, D and B1. Construction has already started on some of these lines but not all, and most of the stations are scheduled to open between 2008 and 2012. I was indeed very surprised to find them already in place for this search on Google Maps.

Spam Speech

Funny – Ze Frank performs a Nigerian scam mail. [Via Waxy.]

Gogle, Google, Gooogle...

According to this chart by Slazy (see the post), Google owns a bunch of Google-domains with more and less o’s than 2. Hmmm, why would Google want to register Google with 19 o’s but not with 20? And a tip for the lazy: enter “” instead of “” and save worthwhile typing energy...

Google China Office Photos

People’s Daily Online has a couple of pictures from Google’s new office building in China. “Google’s China Office moved into its permanent office building in Tsinghua Science Park, Beijing, on September 4 after temporarily operation out of Xinhua Insurance Mansion and Tsinghua Science Mansion,” the site says. Google’s Andrew McLaughlin once said, “In the years to come, we’ll be making significant and growing investments in China.”

[Photo by PDO.]

Minimize Google Gadgets and More

Some of you noticed you can now collapse modules on the Google Personalized Homepage (there’s a new minus button next to the “x”)... and others spotted there may be tabs on the horizon for Google IG.

Wordwatch: GBS

When you’re trusting a Google service to work well simply because it’s Google, then that’s called GBS; the “Google Blinders Syndrome.” Examples:

Google’s Brazil Independence Day Logos

Orkut and Google dressed up in special colors for Brazil’s Independence Day yesterday... [Thanks RenĂª and Luis.]

Googlers Circulating Feedback

Google may not always be actively showing that they’re listening to outside feedback*, but they certainly do. Steve Bryant found that everyday, a Google employee collects news about Google to send them to the staff, e.g. via mailing lists. Steve posted such a mail from September 7 this year. [Thanks Corsin.]

*Googler Matt Cutts along with some others being a notable exception.


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