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Monday, October 2, 2006

Google Base Store Connector

Google announced the release of the Google Base Store Connector, allowing you to automatically insert your eBay, zShops or Yahoo! Stores items into Google Base. Google writes, “Google Base Store Connector is a free download that puts info about your store into our index, so that when people search Google for the products you have to sell, you’ll show up in their search results, along with a link directly to your site on eBay, Amazon or Yahoo.”

In the meantime, the Google Base homepage still doesn’t have its search box back...

Costumzee, Costume Search Engine

Nice – a costume search engine, in time for upcoming Halloween! It returned good stuff on sample searches like “scream” or “pumpkin.” And if you’re completely out of ideas, why not dress up as image search result... [Via SEW.]

Build Your Own Google?

Straight from the rumor mill, Google System spotted this piece at (my emphasis):

Marissa Mayer (...) says the company has assigned more engineers to search than ever before and plans to release a new search tool that will enable users to design and build their own flavor of Google search, scanning just the sites they’re interested in.

This might be related to Google Search Mashups...

Google Logos by British School Children
By Tony Ruscoe

Here in the UK, our Google home page is asking for “the British public” to vote for their favourite Google logo created by school children (although voting doesn’t seem to be restricted to UK visitors).

From the “Doodle 4 Google” voting home page:

What does Britain mean to young people today? We asked students aged 4-18 at schools across the country to design a Google Doodle explaining what it means to be British. For more information on the competition see Doodle 4 Google.

An “expert panel of judges” selected 30 regional winners from over 15,000 entries. Once the public have decided on 3 national winners, Dennis Hwang will choose the overall winning doodle which will be viewed by a potential 18 million people when it’s shown on Google¬ís home page for 24 hours.

All votes must be in by Sunday 15th October 2006, with the winning doodles being announced on Tuesday 7th November 2006.


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