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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Acquisition Price Guide

Trying to put the recent Google/ YouTube deal in perspective, Tristan Louis put together a great overview on tech acquistions of the last few years (I added a couple myself):

Company Acquired by Price
Skype Ebay $2.6 billion
YouTube Google $1.65 billion
5% investment in AOL Google $1 billion
MySpace News Corp $580 million
dMarc Broadcasting Google $102 million
Grouper Sony $65 million
Flickr Yahoo $30-35 million (rumored) Yahoo $30-35 million (rumored)
Bloglines IAC (Ask) $25 million (rumored)
Weblogs Inc. AOL $25 million (rumored)
Blogger Google $20 million (rumored)
Oddpost Yahoo $20 million (rumored)
Jumpcut Yahoo $15 million (rumored)
LiveJournal SixApart $20 million (rumored)
Rojo SixApart $10 million (rumored)
Picasa Google Under $5 million (rumored)
MeasureMap Google Under $5 million (rumored)
2.6% ownership of Baidu Google $5 million Verisign $2 million
Writely Google Around $2 million (rumored)
Dodgeball Google Around $1 million (rumored) Yahoo Around $1 million (rumored)
WebJay Yahoo Around $1 million (rumored)
Urchin Google $???
Keyhole Google $???
Deja News Google $???

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[By Tristan with some rights reserved.]


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