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Monday, October 23, 2006

BYTE Illustrator on Talent

Robert Tinney, who created the illustrations of some of BYTE magazine’s earliest covers, in an interview says:

Being a talented artist is sort of like being a talented speaker: it’s a nice talent to have, but it isn’t easy to find someone who’ll pay you just to do it. You need to combine that basic talent with another skill to really have a marketable service. If you’re a good speaker, combine that with a law degree to be a trial attorney. If you’re an artist, acquire an expertise in 3-D modeling and move to Hollywood for a career in special effects.

I’ve added some early BYTE covers to Cover Browser.

Imagine You’d Be Google For a Day...

AP asked a couple of tech entrepreneurs what they’d do if they had to call the shots at Google Inc.:

What would you do?

[Via InsideGoogle.]

Google’s Space Ship Replica

Google installed a full-scale replica of SpaceShipOne (from the first privately-funded human spaceflight two years ago) in their headquarters, TechCrunch reports. Barry Schwartz asks, “Why did Google do this?”, and I’ll echo his question... maybe it’s a symbol that innovation can take you anywhere?

Windows 1.0 (Video)

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer sells Windows 1.0 in this video from 1985. Write, Calendar, a Clock, and Reversi!

[Thanks Manoj Nahar! Images by Microsoft.]


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