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Thursday, November 2, 2006

UTube Sues YouTube

“Huh, where are the videos?”

Yep, that’s right... UTube is suing YouTube. Sara Goo of the Washington Post writes:

Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corp., of Perrysburg, Ohio, sued YouTube Inc. earlier this week, claiming that millions of people confused its Web site,, for the online video site where people watch entertaining home-made videos.

UTube said it is now receiving 70,000 visitors to its site per day, a figure that is climbing, because so many people confuse it with the world’s biggest Internet video site.

UTube is also complaining that YouTube hosts copyright-infringing & “disgusting” videos. Hmm, 70,000 people... some webmasters would love that kind of traffic (and typosquatters make a business out of getting it... I’ve accidentally hit twice lately).

[Via Spiegel.]


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