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Friday, November 10, 2006

Orkut Is Adult-Only

Was everyone aware of this? Google’s Orkut terms state:

You must be 18 years or older to use the service.

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Slashdot Hits Comments Limit

Slashdot once figured “16,777,216 comments ought to be enough for everybody”... until they actually hit that number, and had to take the discussion feature down for a couple of hours while altering their MySQL table id’s from Medium Int to Int. (I used Int at Google Blogoscoped, so post away – we still have 4,294,913,133 comments to go.)

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Physical Objects as Part of the Net (Audio)

Sci-fi author Bruce Sterling in March 2006 talked about the “internet of things”. IT Conversations sums it up:

In the future we may be able to find lost keys with a simple google search ... Bruce Sterling imagines how physical objects will be part of the internet as they become trackable in space and time. Bruce discusses the theoretical and technical challenges that we face as we try and think about and develop the Internet of Things.

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Google, Ad OS?

Robert Young at GigaOM writes:

Simply put, Google is building what is essentially an operating system (“OS”) for advertising... one that will work across all media.

Just like Microsoft’s Windows (or any other OS) manages all the hardware and software resources of a computer, Google’s Ad/OS will similarly manage all the critical components of an ad campaign, regardless of media type. But instead of controlling and allocating memory, Google’s Ad/OS will allocate ad budgets... instead of prioritizing system requests, controlling input & output devices, Google’s Ad/OS will enable ad inventory buying & placement... instead of facilitating networks and managing files, Google’s Ad/OS will optimize media buying across the spectrum & manage creative placement.


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