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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Adding AdSense to Wordpress showcases “10 Best Wordpress Plugins for Google Adsense”. (The article’s author seems to know how to place AdSense prominently as well...) [Via Digg.]

Google Hiring (and Closing) iRows?

TechCrunch (citing a popular Hebrew blog) reports that Google hired the founders of Israeli startup iRows – a spreadsheets web app in the niche of Google Spreadsheets – and will now close down their site. Note that you play around with iRows without registering... a nice app indeed.
[Thanks Ionut!]

Update: A Google spokesperson tells me (spacing adjusted), “Google has not acquired iRows, however, iRows founders Yoah Bar-david and Itai Raz have joined Google. We are excited to have engineers with their talent join us in our growing Tel Aviv and Haifa R&D centers. iRows will continue to support its customers until the end of the year.”

[Meta] Blog Search

For a long time now, Google Web Search API result have been flaky – you search, nothing appears, then you refresh the same search, and you get a result. To prevent this problem, I now switched this blog’s search (to the left-hand side) away from the API, and to a SiteSearch option available from the AdSense console. I also threw in a couple of other search types, like a Flickr Creative Commons search option. Feedback welcome!

Google Showing "Internal IP" Info

Tony Ruscoe stumbled upon a couple of Google Calendar related files that were only supposed to show to Google-internal IPs... including a Google Calendar developer change log full of developer speak like “go ahead and index subscriptions on calendar’s gaiaid, not GaiaPrincipal, as well as subscriber id” or “Add a utility SwigUtil that centralizes the use of GoogleInit.initialize for all swigged code, so that it is only ever called once and doesn’t make a stack trace.” If you can make sense of these you might want to apply for a job at Google...

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