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Monday, November 27, 2006

Oprah on Yahoo Answers

Yowza. Oprah Winfrey shows up on Yahoo Answers (asking how you’d improve a stranger’s life with $1,000)... and gets 28,587 replies in a week. That’s a couple more than the 25,000+ Stephen Hawking received...

On a related note, Oprah is a googledrome.

[Image by Alan Light, CC-licensed.]

Developing on the Google OS

Reto Meier created a book release tracking tool on the “Google OS” – he used the Google Calendar API, Google Co-op Subscribed Links, Custom Search Engines, and the Google Web Toolkit, along with the Amazon API – and details his experience... an interesting use-case. Anyone else who threw together a couple of Google services for their site?

Google Writing Nice C&D

Google asks the creator of the Gaia project – “an attempt to reverse engineer famous Google Earth and implement its functionality in open, portable, customizable and extendable way” – to stop his attempts. But they’re actually asking nicely. Or, as Andy Baio puts it, “finally, a human face behind the C&D, instead of nastygram lawyerbots.”

Google Parking Lot

[Googley - GNU car - TakeOf - Baaart - Smartie - Whoi5jg (I am a primate) - Ugo Boss]
This guy has the lonely job of overseeing the Google parking lot, host to many vanity license plates.

[All photos by Eszter, CC-licensed. Via Valleywag.]

On a Given Day, Firefox 2 Crashes...

... around a dozen times for me. If you’re using FF2 too, what’s your experience?

Update: According to comments, it might well be the Google Toolbar extension causing these crashes... I’ve uninstalled it and will see.


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