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Friday, December 1, 2006

Quitting the Job, Digg-style

Get me out of this job!!! If this post reaches the homepage of digg, I will tell my boss what I honestly think about her and that I quit …how she looks, sounds and laughs like a man... and go to the pub. (7623 diggs)

[Via Valleywag.]

MySpace Now With Google Search’s search engine now shows a “powered by Google” logo, Ben Allen in the forum notes.

Join the ongoing comments thread.

Google Promotes World AIDS Day

Google has a special link on their homepage today, asking people to learn more about the World AIDS Day and the (RED) campaign. [Thanks Brinke, Mysterius and Ionut!]

Update: For some reason, Google changed the icon and link. Now, a red ribbon points to a Google search for World AIDS Day.

Badly Ranked Wikipedia Watch

Google-watcher Daniel Brandt claims Google hates his site Wikipedia Watch, and shows some ranking comparisons with other search engines. I’m getting a grayed-out PR for his site, indeed, though I don’t know why that’s the case – and searching Google for wikipedia watch does bring Daniel’s site up on top. Seth Finkelstein has more, and warns of “SEO superstition”... the attitude that something must be buggy with Google if your site doesn’t rank well in it.

Which Google Products Should Google Kill Next?

I’ll start with: Froogle.

Get GPS Tracks

With GPSies (which uses the Google Maps API), you can find and download tracks – e.g. for running courses, or mountain-biking – recorded by a GPS device. The website is the brain-child of Klaus Bechtold, who wraps up behind-the-scenes infos in his German blog. He says there’s 601 tracks available for Germany at this time, and 810 worldwide.

[Via Google’s featured projects.]

Google Spreadsheets API

Google released an API for their Spreadsheets program. Google makes this API part of their standardized GData program, which already allows you to access Google Calendar, Google Base, Blogger and Google Code Search. According to Google, with the Google Spreadsheets Data API you’ll be able to:

You can’t however (at this time) create new spreadsheets, or completely remove existing ones.

[Via Google’s blogs.]


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