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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Google Weather Forecast January 2007

Google’s Matt Cutts is providing everyone with a status report on Google results. In a nut-shell:


Google’s Cooling Problem

One of Google’s goals (as leaked from their internal company papers in 2006) was to build 10MW of green power to be on track to be carbon neutral. Oren Goldschmidt still can’t believe how much energy they’re wasting for the cooling of all their servers –

Google produce so much excess heat in their day-to-day operations that it takes them the same amount of money to dissipate that heat as it would to give every last human being on the face of the planet 2 pieces of Bazooka brand bubble gum at its retail cost, annually. It could also be said that for a billion dollars you could build about 10 decently sized cities or, if you’re so inclined, buy all the Viagra in the world and still have enough money left over to buy 50,000 or so Russian brides

– that he adds a couple of suggestions of his own.

[Thanks Oren!]

Work Emails in Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail...

Brad Stone of the NYT writes:

A growing number of Internet-literate workers are forwarding their office e-mail to free Web-accessible personal accounts offered by Google, Yahoo and other companies. Their employers, who envision corporate secrets leaking through the back door of otherwise well-protected computer networks, are not pleased. (...)

It is a battle of best intentions: productivity and convenience pitted against security and more than a little anxiety.

[Thanks Brinke Guthrie!]

Life at Google (Video)

CNN/ Fortune has a video showing everyday life at Google. There’s so many cuts in this video you better not blink. [Thanks Brinke Guthrie!]

What If Google Had a Yahoo-like Homepage?

Google Watch has a nice mockup of what were to look like if they were styled in a Yahoo portal fashion. Creator Steve Bryant says “it gives you an idea of how Google really is a ’portal,’ and how well all its apps fit together into a more work-oriented Yahoo start page.”

I also created a “what if Google was a portal” mockup in 2004 ...

... but so far, the closest Google released in terms of a portalized homepage is, though it misses the “push” part of portals (it’s all “pull” as you decide on the content that appears, by adding Google gadgets).

[Via Digg.]


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