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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

GlobalWarming Awareness2007 SEO Contest

The latest search engine optmization contest also aims to become one of the biggest – with prices including a car (1st place) and a Caribbean cruise (2nd place). SEO contests are used to try out new optimization techniques, promote the contest creator’s website, or just have some fun with search engines. This particular competition by Sweden’s Eastpoint Media SEO team is proudly declaring itself to be the “SEO World Championship,” the “most prestigious SEO contest.” Your target phrase to optimize for is globalwarming awareness2007, but there’s a couple of twists:

The current top contender for the keywords in Google is, a site by an Italian SEO team which showcases some contest shirts, but we’re likely to see a lot of shuffles in the GYM results for this over the coming months. It’s likely that after a while, the contest creator’s site itself will rank best in Google.

By its selection of target keywords, this SEO contest also tries to raise awareness for our global warming challenge. I just hope the contest won’t pollute the real results for searches for “global warming”. Traditionally that shouldn’t happen, as the query “globalwarming” is something very different than the query “global warming”, though as search engines become more and more fuzzy, we can’t be too sure about any of this. Talking about pollution, is the first prize, a car, really the right incentive when you want to raise awareness on enviromental issues?

[Thanks Alek!]


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