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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Google’s Location Reviews Onebox

The Google Maps onebox is a bit older by now, but I think this flavor the official Google Blog reports on is new – a search for e.g. Mexican restaurants in Pasadena, CA results in a map next to different reviews with ratings:

[Mexican restaurants in Pasadena, CA]

Clicking on the location’s name, like “El Portal Restaurant,” takes you straight to the site (which is interesting, because this way, El Portal Restaurant kind of beat the top “organic” result for this search query – search engine optimization will become a lot more diverse the coming years). And if you click on the “reviews” link, you’ll end up on special Google page meta-aggregating “fair use” snippets & ratings from sites such as Yelp, RestaurantRow or CitySearch.

(This doesn’t just work for US locations, either – e.g. Thai restaurants in Stuttgart, Germany found stuff, too.)


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