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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Infamous Google Interview Process

Java-developer and entrepeneur Paul Tyma applied for a job at Google, got through the Google interview process alive, and is back to tell us how he managed to do that. [Via Digg.]

Also see Google employee Niniane Wang’s guide to preparing for a software interview.

Also see this site’s Googlers who blog page (’cause not all who do get fired).

IP to Icon

Don Park came up with the neat idea of Identicons, little automated graphics representing a user’s IP address (e.g. to display something unique & identifying next to a blog comment). If only all IP addresses were stable...
[Via Information Aesthetics. Image by Don Park.]

Phrases Riddle

What do these six phrases have in common?

Gmail Contacts Amiss?

Several people report that their Google contacts list used in Gmail and Google Talk has been wiped clean – including the comments they added to contacts (signatures are gone for some, too, as Lukas points out). My contacts are still there this morning, how about everyone else? [Thanks Lukas!]


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