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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Google’s Master Plan (Video)

Master Plan by Ozan Halici & J├╝rgen Mayer, from the University of Applied Sciences in Ulm, Germany, is a graphically impressive but otherwise somewhat shallow discourse on privacy in the age of Google. [Thanks Tadeusz!]

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Windows Vista Speech Recognition Vulnerability

Jeesh. Windows Vista can be exploited by playing sound files – which basically every web page can do – that tell the system to delete files utilizing Vista’s speech recognition feature (provided you have speakers + microphone + an enabled voice recognition). If you ever hear your computer talking to itself, be afraid... be very afraid... [Thanks JustinF!]

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Giant Google Proxy?

Robert Cringely notes that Google controls more network fiber than anyone else, and is building a lot of data centers, and he argues they do so because in the coming years ...

More and more of us will be downloading movies and television shows over the net and with that our usage patterns will change. Instead of using 1-3 gigabytes per month, as most broadband Internet users have in recent years, we’ll go to 1-3 gigabytes per DAY – a 30X increase that will place a huge backbone burden on ISPs. Those ISPs will be faced with the option of increasing their backbone connections by 30X, which would kill all profits, OR they could accept a peering arrangement with the local Google data center.

Seeing Google as their only alternative to bankruptcy, the ISPs will all sign on, and in doing so will transfer most of their subscriber value to Google, which will act as a huge proxy server for the Internet. We won’t know if we’re accessing the Internet or Google and for all practical purposes it won’t matter. Google will become our phone company, our cable company, our stereo system and our digital video recorder.

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