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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

How to Get Work Done With the Google Office

Google expert Reto Meier on his blog continues to publish a detailed series of tutorials on how to get work done with the “Google Office”... from word processing, to calendars, to spreadsheets and email. His posts so far:

[Thanks Reto!]

Today (Possibly) Is Singles Awareness Day

Wikipedia writes:

Singles Awareness Day (SAD) is a humorous holiday celebrated on February 14 (although some prefer the 13th or the 15th to get away from the commercialism associated with the 14th). It serves as an alternative to Valentine’s Day for people who are single; that is, who are not involved in a romantic relationship and can therefore not participate in Valentine’s Day traditions. Some observers of SAD do so out of spite for Valentine’s Day, as a Hallmark holiday, or for other reasons.

On Singles Awareness Day single people gather to celebrate or to commiserate in their single status. Some want to remind romantic couples to remember those less fortunate than they are. A common greeting on this day by its adherents is “Happy SAD!”

Finding Phone Videos with Google

Tech Recipe suggests the following Google searches to find 3GP files for viewing on some cell phones:

(On my phone I can view WMV, though I didn’t find any good site with small, downloadable and fun videos. Replacing “3gp” with “wmv” above technically works, but most of the videos you’ll find are too large for cell phones.)

[Via Micro Persuasion.]

Website Translation Service

I just had a chance to try out the website friend and co-editor Tony Ruscoe works for. It’s called Click2Translate and it worked like it should, and it worked nicely. I wanted to translate Sketch Swap into Japanese*, so I uploaded a Word document containing all needed texts at their site. To make best use of the $65 price tag, I submitted almost, but not more than, 295 words (a minimum for small projects, and Sketch Swap contains only very little text). A couple of days later, just now, an email reached me, and I was able to login to their site and download the Japanese Word document**, which I can now implement at Sketch Swap (they even threw in some free translations, but I think that was just Tony’s way of saying “hi”). Admittedly, I can’t judge the quality of the translations and I don’t really know the competition in this space...

By the way, I did all my past translations for websites through Google Answers – asking “translation” questions for a price – which also worked nicely, but Google Answers is closed down now.

*Sketch Swap was incredibly popular in Japan since the beginning.

**I suppose I could’ve uploaded an XML too, though this being the first translation at Sketch Swap, my friend Dominik and I still have to set up the language files system.

Firefox 3 With Offline Web Apps Feature?

Read Write Web reports:

Robert O’Callahan from Mozilla, who is based in NZ but drives the rendering engine of Mozilla/FireFox, spoke about how Firefox 3 will deliver support for offline applications. This is significant because you’ll be able to use your web apps – like Gmail, Google Docs & Spreadsheets, Google Calendar, etc – in the browser even when offline. I deliberately mentioned all Google web apps there, because of course this plays right into Google’s hands.

Although Mozilla is an open source organization, some of its top workers are employed by Google. So it’s a very cozy relationship.

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[Thanks Niraj Sanghvi!]


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